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    Having second thoughts on Charlotte

    I'm starting to like other names like Georgia, Ruby and Violet that aren't as popular as Charlotte...what do you think? We were going to go with Charlotte Noelle but I feel like Charlotte is getting soo popular..

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    I love Georgia! Ruby is cute and Violet ( though popular) is ok though nms. Charlotte is very lovely, though I think it has staying power because it is a classic.
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    I wouldn't let popularity bother you. It's a classic name that has been and will be around for many years, and it's gorgeous to boot. Plus if you don't want her to be Charlotte X she can be Lottie or Char/Charlie, or whatever nn you want as it's so versatlile. If you love it, use it.

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    I love the name Charlotte, but yes, it is getting very popular. If that is a concern for you, I would go with one of the other beautiful names you have mentioned. Since I still love Charlotte, I would use it as a middle name. Georgia Charlotte... Ruby Charlotte... (it wouldn't work with Violet. You could use Violet Georgia, or Georgia Violet, though).

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    I love Charlotte Noelle - I actually would consider it for a daughter for myself (once we are ready to consider children and names) - though I understand not loving that it was so popular last year.
    I like Violet Noelle, Georgia Noelle and Ruby Charlotte as alternatives.
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