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    First baby names!

    Hello! I've lurked around on Nameberry for awhile but my husband and I just found out I'm pregnant! I'm due in June and we're both really excited. I think I'm more excited about names than my husband is so I thought I'd join and share some name combos I love.

    My husband is mostly on board with my naming style. My naming style is traditional, leaning towards vintage. I also love the occasional "hippie" name, like nature names, season names etc. My husband also loves traditional/vintage names but he really dislikes nature names and tends to love names with Biblical or religious significance. Thankfully, we have overlap! I also love girls' names with long -e- or -i- sounds and I love -v- names as well!

    We also have two family names for boys that we'd like to incorporate: James and Warren. Also, our last name is one syllable with a long -i- sound. Here's what I've come up with so far. If you see any other combos I missed or have suggestions, I'd love to hear feedback!

    Eve Elise
    Eve Cora
    Eve Cordelia
    Eve Marie
    Cora June
    Cora May
    Eliza June
    Eliza Jane
    Hazel May
    Eva Marie
    Vivienne Elise
    Vivienne June
    Nora Rose
    Nora Kate

    James Warren
    James Gabriel
    James Patrick
    James Xavier
    James Ignatius
    Gabriel James
    Gabriel Warren
    Xavier James
    Xavier Ignatius
    Ignatius Xavier
    Simon Ignatius
    Simon James
    Simon Xavier
    Simon Gabriel
    Simon Archer

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    What about Ignatius Warren? Ignatius Xavier sounds a bit off together. Xavier James is also really nice. As for girls Eve Cordelia is gorgeous! Cora June, Hazel, Eva Marie, & Nora Kate are also pretty. Another middle name for Hazel could be Hazel Eliza or Hazel Elise? Congrats on the little one!
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    Eve Elise- There's been a trend among Spanish speakers in my area for names that end in the "lise" sound- Analyse (Anneliese,) Nashalys (NAH-sha-lees,) and Ivelisse (pronounced exactly like Eve Elise, without the stop in the middle) I've heard at least twice recently. If I heard Eve Elise, I would've thought it was Ivelisse.
    Eve Cora, Cordelia - I love these!
    Eve Marie - Marie isn't my favorite in the middle, and the flow is a little off.
    Cora June - Love this. Cora is one of my personal favorite names.
    Cora May - Flows together a little too much
    Eliza June, Jane- Both are nice. I slightly prefer June.
    Hazel May - I love Hazel and I like May, but together I think it's just too noun-y. Maybe Hazel Vivienne?
    Eva Marie - Flow is much better here than with Eve.
    Vivienne Elise - Tricky rhythm here, but I like Vivienne.
    Vivienne June - Too many ns.
    Nora Rose, Kate- Slight preference for Kate, but both are sort of filler middles. I also prefer Cora to Nora.

    James Warren - Two family names are always better than one in my book. You might also consider Jameson.
    James Xavier/Ignatius- These are a little surprising in the middle, and I really like that with a very classic name like James
    Gabriel Warren- I prefer this to Gabriel James; it's a little less expected, but still a family name.
    Xavier James - I really like Xavier and this is a nice combo.
    Xavier Ignatius- Ignatius is a really cool middle, but I think with an X first name it just sounds a little over the top. It would work well with James or Gabriel in front.
    Ignatius Xavier- Same problem as above combo.
    Simon James- I'd go with this over the other combos, because it has a family name in it. I'm not quite sure I like the assonance of Simon with a one-syllable long-i last name; I'm using several last names that fit that criteria and they all sound awkward with Simon as a first.

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    Welcome to Nameberry and congrats on your pregnancy.

    With a one-syllable surname, I would choose a first name of two syllables or more for better flow. Does Eve sound abrupt with your surname? I will choose one combo for each first name that I think flows the best together. My favourites from your list are:


    Eve Cordelia - this is pretty but how does the one-syllable Eve sound with your one-syllable surname?
    Cora June - 3rd fave. I like the way this pair looks and sounds together.
    Eliza Jane - Classic and spunky. My girls fave from your list.
    Hazel May - Ok but has too much "ay" sound.
    Vivienne June - too many n's but it's better than Vivienne Elise.
    Nora Kate - Sweet and spunky. 2nd fave.


    James Patrick -solid, handsome and distinguished. But James may be too short with your surname???
    Gabriel James - Love this combo!
    Xavier James - This combo is tied with Gabriel James.
    Ignatius Xavier - I love both names but they're a little heavy on the syllables and the "s" and "x" blend together
    Simon Gabriel - I don't know how Simon sounds with your long "i" surname but this combo flows well.

    Faves: Eliza Jane, Cora June, Nora Kate, Gabriel James and Xavier James.
    All the best,

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    Thanks for the feedback! My current favorite is also Cora June for a girl so it's nice to hear that other people liked it as well. The only problem with Cora is that my SIL's name is Cara and I can picture my MIL having difficulty with Cora. That's why I've been coming around to Nora even though both my husband and I LOVE Cora. We'll see.

    In terms of Kate as a "filler" middle name...for me, it wouldn't be as it's my first name!

    The feedback about boys' names is super-helpful. I do love Ignatius and Xavier but they might be a bit much as first names! I think my husband probably likes James and Gabriel the most.

    We have plenty of time to decide but it's so much fun to think about all the possibilities. Keep the suggestions coming!

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