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    I also wondered how it was pronounced until I entered the thread. I can kinda see how you can get Elise, but Chanel, out of that, is very mind-boggling.

    Very disturbing, all I can think of is grease or as a pp stated, "a lease." If you are going to butcher a name, I would hope it's somewhat identifiable to it's original spelling. If she wanted unique, she could have thought about spelling it, Shanell, eww.

    Well, each to their own.

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    Argh. why don't just use the Chanel and Elise spelling?

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    Wow, those children will go through 18 years of agony. Hopefully they change their names when they can.

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    And then you see spellings that show truly selfish parents! *sigh* Those poor kids.....
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    I, like others, couldn't figure out how to pn the first one. I figured that Elease was meant to be Elise. I also know an Aleece. I much prefer Elise over the other 2!

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