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Thread: ANOTHER one?!

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    ANOTHER one?!

    I was just talking to a friend of mine about an acquaintance of ours who is expecting a baby girl in November, I asked her what she is naming her baby and when she said Kaylynn I almost shrieked "OMG, ANOTHER one?!" That is literally the 5th person I know naming their baby girl Cailinn/Kaylynn/Caylen/Cailyn. So I thought it would be fun to hear other people's "ANOTHER one?!" names, because it must differ by region. I'd also like to get a sense of THE most popular names. So, what's the girl name you are hearing literally everywhere lately? And if you don't mind, where you are from.
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    I'm from Georgia and the girl name I am hearing most often is Mikayla/Makaila... and other various spellings. I have one in the family and several at daycare, with more born every day.

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    I keep hearing and seeing Isla/Iyla. I maybe just have been noticing because it was a name we were considering, but now I've seen it about 5 times in the last few weeks. I'm in Alberta Canada.
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    Elizabeth (not new obviously), Charlotte in Michigan

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    ...please stop. They're all perfectly lovely names, but I'd like to go more than two days without hearing them.
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