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    No way! It's totally fine! Love it.

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    I'm 27 in the US. I didn't even know this show existed.

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    Never heard of the show.

    Calla is on my list as a nn for a longer version. But again I tend to love unusual flower names for girls.

    Like Thea too.

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    I watched the show, but thought of Stephen King before I thought of Gummie Bears. And even so, both associations are not in any way "too strong" imho, Calla is a beautiful name. Oprah, yeah, that is a very strong tv association, Calla, no way. (Says the woman with several "cartoon" names for her children of course, so take that for what its worth)
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    I'm in my late twenties, USA. I also remember watching Gummi Bears, but do not remember their names. I instantly thought of Calla Lily, a beautiful flower.

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