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    Calla is all "lily" to me -- I'm 29, grew up in the northeast, watched a ton of TV, am in love with sugary treats (especially of the gummy variety) and the only Gummi Bears I know are the kind I love to eat! Who knew they had a tv show OR a princess! haha
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    The only name I remember from the Gummi Bears cartoon was Sunni (the young, yellow bear) and the only reason I remember her name is because they gave her an uber short haircut so for years I assumed she was a boy (the unisex name didn't help either). I know that there were two human children on the show but I don't recall their names. So to sum up, I think you're safe using Calla.

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    716 Here's a list of all the characters on the show.

    Like I said, and others have said, not too many people are ever going to associate the name Calla with the show. Most people are not going to recall the names of cartoon characters from the 80's unless they were huge fans of the Gummi Bears or trivia buffs.

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    I watched that show when I was little. I actually remember the opening song! But I don't remember any character names so your fine as long as everyone has a bad memort like me! Anyway people use Eleanor so much these days despite the chubby girl from Chipmunks!

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    Never even thought about it. (Or maybe I can't be counted, since I was totally 90's kid. I have no idea that show had ever exist).
    Like the others, I'm thinking about Calla Lily.
    Calla is so pretty (and the meaning is pretty!) but I like Thea too.

    Sounds like you're a mythology names fan (and me too). How about Callista? meaning the most beautiful. Or its real greek version Callisto.
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