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    I watched the show as a kid, but can't even remember a Princess Calla. I can remember a Tammy, thats the only name that comes to mind. So no, definitely not to strong

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    Yeah... Good news This 20 year old has no idea that this show ever existed.
    Theodore Arthur

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    Gummi Bears? I thought that was a kind of candy...?

    In any case, I love the name Calla. It reminds me of lilies, and specifically of my very favourite type of lily. I see it as a beautiful alternative to a lovely, yet overused name. And no, I cannot possibly imagine connecting it to any kind of TV show (or candy).

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    I'm in my early 30s and have never heard of that show. Like some of the other posters, my first thought was Calla Lily.

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    I am 32 and definitely watched the Gummi Bears. I can still sing most of the theme song as well. However, I had no idea that there was a Calla on there. It sounds like you are totally safe!
    Lucía, Sebastián, & Inés
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