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    What do you thimk of these unique names??

    Harlow, Willow, Sage, Mona and Blair.
    I'm not saying that I like them or hate them, I just want to know what you guys think!! Also, which names do you think are better used as a first or a middle name. Combine the names or put in new names to go with them.

    <3 me!!!

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    Harlow -- I dislike this one. I just think it sounds sort of boyish and it's not my style
    Willow -- absolutely gorgeous! I'm using it ^_^
    Sage -- I've only ever met male Sage's. I love it for a boy and feel so-so for a girl
    Mona -- Lisa.... Is what I think. I think it's nice enough though.
    Blair -- nms but I think it has an edgy sound and is fine for a girl. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Harlow - not a fan. It feels like a celebrity baby name and is one letter off from harlot. I guess the sound is OK, I far prefer Marlo.
    Willow - pretty and nice. It's too modern for my own taste, but I like the name fine on someone else.
    Sage - it just really, really makes me think of cooking. It's fine, but I don't find the sound pleasing.
    Mona - a very, very lovely name. I like it, although I see teasing potential with the "moan" sound.
    Blair - a perfectly reasonable name that I don't personally care for, sounds too close to bleh/blah for me.
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    Harlow - harlot
    Willow - nice, not a favorite but it's okay
    Sage - pretty, I like it for a middle name, never met one
    Mona - moaning
    Blair - blah
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    Harlow- makes me think of Nicole Richie and the guy from Good Charlotte. ugh.
    Willow- nms, something about it I don't like
    Sage- I've never met one, it seems acceptable for a girl or a mn
    Mona- I love this, I know a girl with this name, the only problem is the moaning association
    Blair- it's ok, I like it well enough for either gender

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