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Thread: Alexandria

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    I like Alexandria because it happens to be my best friend's name. I prefer it to Alexandra. Alexandrina is a little bit too much and sounds kind of made up IMO.
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    I love the name Alexandria. It's a very strong and stately name.

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    I definitely get a more modern, less classic vibe from Alexandria than Alexandra, and I prefer Alexandra, but I have no problem with the -ia.

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    Alexandria is a beautiful and regal-sounding name. I like it much better than Alexandrina. However, I have a preference for the more understated elegance of Alexandra.
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    I have a younger cousin named, Alexandria. I just love how spunky, sweet, and loving she is, so I when I see that name I think of her gorgeous smile. However, she goes by Alex, which fits her, because she was a bit tom-boyish when she was younger. The type that liked to climb trees, athletic, and fun to be around, etc. She also has an older sister, who has one of the names you mentioned above. She was the older sister who is adored by her younger siblings (whether they claim to or not, it's obvious, lol), very intelligent, soft-spoken, bookish, and athletic.

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