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Thread: Alexandria

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    Okay, this has long been one of my favourite names, but I've spent the last few months poking around the internet and am noticing that it gets very mixed responses. I only found out that there was a city called Alexandria in the United States about a month ago, although of course I am well acquainted with the one in Egypt.

    I love the name Alexandrina, but worry that it sounds a bit over-the-top. It was the first name of Queen Victoria, but it has fallen out of use since the last century. I also love the name Alexandra, but with Alexandria and Alexandrina it seems incomplete. So I would like to know - what is your opinion of Alexandria?

    In my mind, I put Alexandria in a category with Victoria, Lavinia, Ophelia, Cordelia, and Octavia - pretty, feminine names that end in -ia. Is this where you would put this name, or do you find it stylistically too different (or, worse, too modern)? What do you think of Alexandria, and the names that you would categorize with it?

    Thank you.
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    i like Alexandria a lot! So cute!


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    I get a very strong and royal feel from it. I would categorize it with Victoria, Katharine, Octavia and Lavinia, all very powerful names in my opinion. Alexandria is prettier in my ears, not sure I like the -drina sound.
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    I prefer just Alexandra but Alexandria is nice . Alexandrina is a bit over the top IMO. I find Alexandra and Alexandria to be very powerful and "royal".

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    I absolutely love Alexandria! If I never get to have a boy Alexander, I'll have an Alexandria. I think it sounds very royal, like Victoria, Octavia etc and it has great historical significance. -- My Amazon Author Page

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