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    @ellieclarke, yeah the paperwork is what scares me off of changing my name the most, too. I'm just not that desperate to change my name that I'm willing to pay for it when I can just introduce myself with a different name and have almost the same result. Plus, I don't want to go through the process for doing by first name and then have to do it all again when I get married. All my school application papers have a place for "Name you go by (if different from first name)" so maybe check with your school to see if it's possible to put a different first name on file. I was actually in a class in first year with a girl whose legal name is Cordelia but she goes by Jenn (kinda sad, I know, haha). One the first day, when the prof did attendance, she just said, "Call me 'Jenn'" and that was that.

    In my experience, having my name changed on facebook has made a huge difference. People want to know the story and have been more sensitive to it, I've found. Everyone I've met recently (since changing my name on fb last year) have been especially receptive to calling me Lucy instead, so maybe try that out?
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    I'd love to change mine, I just don't think I'd ever have the courage to do it. My full name is Ana, and I never go by Ana. I go by Nussy or Nessie or just N and I'm called Ana just by people who have seen my papers.I have been willing to change it for Anna since I was like 5 but it turned out being such a pain in the ass that i can't imagine what would happen if I decide to change it for a completely different name.

    A friend of mine who was going Anna btw wanted to change hers for years, she just hated her birth name. Her parents didn't do the best job naming her, her full name being Angharad Lee. She changed it when she got married to Hannah Gerta Leigh and she adores it. Her parents were very very mad, her relatives were shocked but waters got calm eventually.
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    I think I'm the odd one out here. I grew up hating it, I mean, hating, and it was no secret to my parents (and whole family, really) that I planned on changing it when I was legally able to. But by the time I got around to looking for a "new name" when I was around 18/19, ugh (I'm still mad at myself for this, lol!), I fell in love with my name! And I love Ashley now. I kind of feel cheated that I didn't get to go through the whole process that I was so looking forward to doing, and I still am not crazy about my MN, but Ashley suits me to a T and even when trying out other names (Lela, Lise, Hannah, Eleanor, Lillian, Annabel, etc.), I just realized none of them fit me at all, and I felt myself becoming someone I didn't want to be when I thought of myself as "Eleanor" or "Lela" or whatever. I'm kind of sad that my name is so popular for my age group, so trendy, so unisex, and that the stereotype of an Ashley is probably the total opposite of who I am, but I still love Ashley, and I couldn't give it up. I had thought of changing my MN when I get married, and I think Ashley Eleanor Grace suits me really well, but then just a couple weeks ago, I found out that two of my great aunts had the MN Marie, which is my MN, so I've warmed up to being Ashley Marie a lot. I wouldn't change it, boring as it is, and somehow it's me.

    For a brief while, I had considered using a nn that was sort of a stretch from my name (like Lela and Lise), but I felt like taking on those names made me feel like I was someone I'm not, so I think I'll probably just be Ashley from now on, haha. I have every respect for people who change their names, though.
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    I've always gone by my middle name (Alice). I don't like my first name at all. I have considered changing it when I get married since I will have to change my last name. I was thinking about doing Alice- My current Last Name - My Fiance's Last Name and dropping my first name all together. So I think if you need to change it go for it. Just make sure the new name is the one you really want to identify with.

    Good Luck!
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