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    @jessica123- I definitely understand where you're coming from. I, too, have never liked my birth name, and had one of the most common names from the year I was born. It doesn't help that I've seen my birth name on many of "trashy" name lists or associations. It's gotten to the point to where I can't stand when anyone calls me by it and when I introduce myself I feel borderline ashamed. Congrats on figuring out that its completely right for you!

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    I've changed my name legally, the entire thing. I went for something completely different than what I had, shock be damned. Though in my case for the first name I went from a more unusual name to a more common name. Main reason was I disliked my name for 18 years, I cringed when I'd hear it, hardly anyone would pronounce or spell it correctly, they were always mistaking it for other names.

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    I am not considering changing my name - I'm not in love with it, but I don't mind it. However, I support anyone who does choose to change their name. And though I've said it many times elsewhere - as a college instructor, I can tell you that my students do it fairly regularly. They're finally of age, they're in a supportive environment (admittedly, a liberal arts college is a great environment - it might be different if you were in, say, engineering school), and they get to choose something that makes them happy. As college instructors, we're all used to it, and most of us are supportive.

    What names are you considering?

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    I don't think it's weird. I've never identified with my legal name and I clearly remember being in grade 2 and looking for alternative names for myself. Luckily it was just a 3-year wait until Hanson happened and my best friend at the time started calling me Lucy. It wasn't a name I'd ever have considered myself, but it clicked on me. When I was 18, I had the papers all printed to change it, but never got around to it due to high school grad and university applications. Then, it got put off because of university, passports, visas, foreign national identity cards... and then another round of visas and foreign ID, and then another degree, soooo it's just complicated to change your name during all the paperwork I've been dealing with for the past 5 years.
    I have a mix of people knowing me by my legal name and by Lucy. Professionally I use my legal name just because that's what all my official documents have, but with anyone who isn't an employer or a co-worker, then I usually introduce the Lucy thing and it catches on pretty well.

    My recently-made friends all tell me I should change my first name when I get married. I'm not sure how much a difference it would make to me now. To me, I've been a Lucy for the past 15 years, and while I used to hate my legal name, I'm just so disconnected from it I don't even care any more, haha.

    I'm totally pro-name changing. I don't think it's weird. It can be touchy, and *other* people can think it's weird and that can suck to deal with, but I'm very much for it and I'd love to legally change my name.
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    @scarlettrobin- Very brave of you! I'm interested to know, how did your family handle the change? Does everyone call you by your name, now? How did you break the news? Would love to hear your experience with it, if you would like to share that is.

    @selenea- Really? That's surprising to me. I never thought that changing your name legally would be fairly common. In terms of college, is it difficult to have your name changed and deal with school records? That's something I'm extremely worried about as I'm a junior in college. I'm only considering changing my name to Elizabeth, which is my birth middle name. I've always felt connected to the name, and I love that it's timeless. It was my favorite part of my name since I remember learning how to spell my name as a child.

    @lucialucentum- I was exactly the same way as a kid. That's what I'm worried about the most is having to change a lot of paperwork, especially with schools and how that whole process would work. I've heard others complain at my college when they got married and how hard it was to change it with the school.

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