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  • @Holly

    17 32.69%
  • @Laura

    25 48.08%
  • #Jane

    28 53.85%
  • #Francine

    22 42.31%
  • $Robert

    16 30.77%
  • $George

    28 53.85%
  • %Ryan

    17 32.69%
  • %Edward

    27 51.92%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Dated Names Tournament - Semifinals

    It's time for the semifinals of the Dated Names Tournament! Since we're down to four names for each gender I'm doing both together now (the last round for the girls is here, the boys here). As with previous rounds the names sharing a symbol are the ones competing against each other this time; vote for a name with each symbol and the winners will move on to the finals.

    The match-ups are:
    Holly vs. Laura
    Jane vs. Francine
    Robert vs. George
    Ryan vs. Edward

    Note that Laura won the last round via my tie-break vote.

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    Ryan and Edward were the hardest choice, I love both names! But I voted Edward. Go Jane!
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    *another bump*

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    I'm sorry, but I fail to understand how most of these are dated...
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