View Poll Results: Choose the one you like for my likely dark haired future baby

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  • Seren

    28 32.94%
  • Miriam

    40 47.06%
  • Dallas

    4 4.71%
  • Sasha

    33 38.82%
  • Surya

    4 4.71%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Thank you all so much! I'm really glad you share my love of Miriam. It is hard to find people outside of nameberry who appreciate some of these names but I believe that overused names lead to overused personalities and lower expectations, and want my daughter to have something a little different but not over the top.

    Thanks again!

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    I voted Seren and Miriam. I absolutely LOVE Seren, so that gets my first vote, but the idea of a sweet, dark haired little Miriam just made me smile. Surprisingly, all the Miriams I know are light-haired.
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    Really? Miriam really does strike me as a dark haired name for some reason. Maybe that is just because I can see it on MY child, though. I can't decide whether Seren sounds more blond or dark haired. Either way, children tend to grow into their names.

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    Miriam strikes me as dark-haired mainly due to its ethnic background: Jewish & Arabic (Maryam).

    I like Seren too with your surname-- its on-theme without being too overt. I wish you could use both together but they really don't flow-- however, Miriam Serena works nicely, as does Serena Miriam.
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    I thought about Serena too but it's a little too frilly sounding for me, despite that tennis player. I think it's the -ina sound. I can't think of a single -ina name I like right now.

    I'm really loving Seren, Miriam, and Sasha pretty equally right now! Hard to pick. Sasha probably has the meaning I like the least.

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