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    I think Rose names are overdone, especially at the time (My little sis goes to school with a Rosie, Rosalind and 2 Rosalie's). Rosegold is cute though.

    Topaz is cute at fist, but when you brought up the whole tampon thing, Tampax came to mind immediately, and now I can't think of anything else.

    Holiday is adorable! I really like it. I think of a really happy, bright and beautiful child.

    I do think Cinnamon sounds strippery.

    My favorite is Holiday. Good luck!!

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    woh, I totally love the suggestion of Larkspur!

    Also, i think Rosegold if fabulous!
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    I actually really love Holiday! I would be so happy to meet a little girl named Holiday. I'm not a fan of Topaz because I can't get over the TOE sound at the beginning, and Cinnamon does strike me as a little stripper-ish. =/ Rosegold is pretty, there is actually a kind of jewelry called rosegold, it's a pinkish shade of gold. If you like Holiday, and to get rid of the Holly association, what about Calloway or Sunday?
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