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    Rosegold - I like the imagery it brings up and it's certainly unusual. People are going to try shortening it to Rose or Rosie though.

    Holiday - I like this one too. Yeah people are going to try using the nickname Holly, however Liddy is another nickname.

    Topaz - You'll end up with the nickname Paz and yes I do think the name itself is a bit too much.

    Cinnamon - Yes, this is a stripper name. I wouldn't use it.

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    I like Holiday best from your list. I also like the suggestion of Winter (that name is just so cozy and, oddly, warm to me). I also like Sunday, if you are into day names.
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    Just have to say that it's Nightingale, not Nightengale......

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    Thanks, thuja, you're right. Winter sounds warm to me, too, alexp, but isn't it one of the trendiest names on here? And before Nicole Richie used it for her daughter, I thought it sounded better on a boy. I do like Turquoise and Tanzanite, dayjoysky, but Turk is the obvious nn for Turquoise and that just makes me think of the male doctor from Scrubs. Tanzy is cute, but the meaning behind tansies (the flower) is not so great. Do you really consider Tulip to be a winter plant? It's on my list, but I think it's as springy as they come, so springy that it wouldn't make sense on a non-spring baby. Juniper I do like a lot but it's the trendiest hipster name out there.

    blade - third son's name is not Zadok, though that's really interesting and would fulfill the outer space overlord aspect, huh? I think I'm adding Nightingale to the list for now, too.

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    to bad Marigold is out because I LOVE it!
    Out of all your names I like Holiday & Topaz the best.
    My suggestions are Hollis & Teal, I think both are really sweet.

    I also love Nightingale! but I'd use it in the middle personally.
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