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    I really like Topaz and Cinnamon! I think they're beautiful and would be really cool names. I usually don't like "Rose" names but I really like Rosegold!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sugarfoot View Post
    I like Rosegold and Holiday! But the Holly association would piss me off too if I were you, so that wouldn't be a contender for me. I really like Rosegold nn Goldie!

    Funny thing is, Holiday is the one that my husband is most strongly against!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mara_lyn86 View Post
    The others are nice, though I don't know if I could ever imagine meeting a little girl with the name Cinnamon. I would think that her mom ate a lot of cinnamon when she was pregnant but I like Cinnamon flavored things so maybe it could grow on me as a name.

    I am starting to like Pearl a lot more because I recently found out it was one of of great x2 grandmother's names. It is lovely. I used to think it was kind of blah, but now it is getting cuter to me each day.
    Ha ha, yeah I'm not that into cinnamon-flavored stuff right now, though she's due early in the holiday season, which is a time of year when many treats are made with cinnamon. I actually had a pretty strong cinnamon aversion when I was pregnant with my first son. It never happened again, but cinnamon-flavored stuff has never been that high on my list of things to consume while pregnant.

    I'm the opposite on P e a r l, it was very pretty and precious to me for years, and now I'm just getting blah on it. Meh!

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    I LOVE Holiday, it's on my list, you could also nn her Liddy, Day or Lady
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    Cinnamon is adorable! I knew a Cinnamon once and she was vey successful and certainly not a stripper. The only one I would definitely get rid of is Holiday, while it sounds like an adorable name, there is WAY to much Holiday Inn teasing potential for me

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