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Thread: MN for Stella

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    MN for Stella

    We have decided that we really want Stella as a FN on our list. DH is very particular about the MNs he likes with Stella though. Right now our options are:

    Stella December - We like the connection to the Christmas Star since Stella means star and Christmas is in December (His favorite)

    Stella Juniper - We like the cuteness of this one but yet I can still see it aging well (my favorite)

    Stella Frances - This one feels very distinguished to me

    We would love some opinions on these and you can feel free to leave more suggestions if you have any good ones for us

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    I rather Like Stella Juniper, here are some other options:

    Stella Rosamund
    Stella Kate
    Stella Pine
    Stella Clementine
    Stella Poinsetta
    Stella Noelle
    Stella Louise
    Stella Zircon (decembers birthstone)
    Stella Maire
    Stella Saison

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    Thanks ladies!

    @lovelywren - Stella Poinsettia is actually adorable! I don't know if DH would go for it but I love the thought behind it.

    @dantea - Stella Jasmine and Stella Josephine are great too!

    I will run these by DH and see what he likes. Please keep the suggestions coming

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    Both Stella Juniper and Stella December are great. I really like the meaning behind Stella December, it's quite special. It's also a bit unexpected as a middle name, and I like that. Middle names can be a chance to do something a bit more out of the ordinary
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