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    I love Katherine, and even if it's popular, I'd totally use it. What about Katherine Vitoria/Vittoria? I know it's not that popular but I'm just not sure Katherine Victoria makes a good combination. It sounds great but there's something wrong about it.

    What about Katherine Marigold, Katherine Zenobia, Katherine Virginia, Katherine Cordelia, Katherine Eugenia, Katherine Rosalie, Katherine Eliza?

    And if you like Elizabeth, I think you might switch it to Elisabeth which has this vintage and fresh vibe.
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    My name is Catherine. You may think the name is "common" but don't confuse classic with common. Not many little girls are being named Catherine today. I love the name and do prefer the spelling with a C. The two spellings have very different feels. Ask a Katherine what she thinks of the C spelling and she will shake her head the same way I do about hers. The C spelling is coming back into style now partially because of Catherine Middleton (note, the lack of a K doesn't stop her from using the nickname Kate). The C spelling is originally French but was widely used in England, and is more prevalent there, while the K spelling caught on in the US. To me, the C spelling is softer and more classic - you will see it spelled Catherine more in classic English novels such as Wuthering Heights or Jane Austen's works. And by the way, my middle name is Grace. If I had to pick one for you, what about Victoria, Amelia, or Lavinia? Any of them work with Catherine. Or perhaps Susannah, Adriana, Anastasia, Antonia or Seraphina? Hope I helped.
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    I really like Kathryn (I prefer this spelling - probably because I have a very close friend who spells her name this way). Kathryn Victoria is beautiful. Some combos for Kathryn from my own list would be Kathryn Aurelia, Kathryn Fiona, & Kathryn Noelle.
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    I'm sorry, but I'm really over Katherine/Catherine. Charlotte and Elizabeth too. BUT, I'm not a "classic" name person; so they just don't work for me. That being said, if you must go with Catherine, I like Rin and Cat best as nn's. I will say that some of the mn choices you listed are really fabulous, IMO - Octavia and Lavinia are beautiful and still classic-sounding without being obnoxiously over-used.
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    agree with above poster. please, please stop saying that to use kate one must use the K spelling for Katherine. One can also use Catherine with the nn Kate if you prefer.

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