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    It really just depends on what you want out of the name. I love both of the variants, and swing between loving one the most one week to loving the other more the next week.

    I love Catherine for it's softness, and I love Katherine for it's spunk. Both are lovely names that age well and have great namesakes.

    For middle names, I love Catherine/Katherine Lavinia a lot. Really long, frilly names go well with the Catherine/Katherine name. Even though Elizabeth is overused as a middle name, I still love it a bunch. But you do want something more unexpected with this name, and Elizabeth does not offer that.

    I love others suggestion of Lydia, Valentina, Vanessa, Magdalena, and Eleanora.

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    Catherine is the more stylish spelling right now, but if you want to call her Kate - which is a fantastic name, by the way - I would go with the Katherine spelling, just so the initials would be the same. (Not that it's hurt Catherine/Kate Middleton, but still.)

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    Southern U.S.

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    These are all such great suggestions - I've added quite a few to my list. And I cannot believe I've never thought of Melisande before! So much more beautiful than Melanie.

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    I really prefer Catherine. If you want the nickname, you can use Cate. How about

    Catherine Mae
    Catherine Ruby
    Catherine Anne
    Catherine Eve
    Catherine Amelia

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