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    What are your top names that deserve more love?

    The thread about 'O' names made me think of Ornella, which doesn't come up here the way that Ottilie does (and there were 7 Ornellas and fewer than 5 Ottilies born in the US last year)- but it's very pretty, and could work so well!

    So- what are your favourite names that don't get much attention in real life or on Nameberry? I've got five for each gender, just to keep it manageable, and would love to read everyone else's favourite neglected names

    Ornella (7 babies born in the US in 2011)
    Magali (78)
    Afton (82)
    Saskia (16- gets some mentions on blog posts, but doesn't seem to come up that often in discussion)
    Joan (63...if Jane's making a comeback, so should Joan! Love Jo and Joanie more than Janey and Jay myself :P)

    Galen (31)
    Pascal (25)
    Tycho (13)
    Conall (22)
    Fergus (11)
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    Saskia & Galen are huge favorites of mine! Great thread, I can't wait to read everyone's contributions.

    Esper - I've found that people who don't get it just don't get it. I love it
    Cyane - everyone loves Cheyenne but nobody else seems to see the appeal of Cyane
    Neoma - I think it's so cool. People disagree.
    Leire - pronounced LAY-ree - It's NOT made-up! People I've talked to just can't get past the spell/say hurdle.
    Loire - pronounced Lo-AR - Same issues as Leire.

    Tobiah - Why doesn't everyone love Toby??
    Ridge - I haven't gotten any good feedback on this but it's very close to popular River (#424 for boys, #913 for girls)
    Blaise - People are always telling me what word it sounds like to them.
    Ignatius - It isn't a weird name to me. Others go cross-eyed. Iggy's adorable
    Xavien - Xavier is #77 but I haven't gotten any good feedback on Xavien.

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    Interesting @mapleblythe, where I live (small french/english community) Pascal is quite common, I knew at least 3 of them growing up and I knew a Magali and always thought it was interesting.

    Names that I love:

    Lacy/Lacey (Always preferred it to the currently trendy Lucy which always reminds me of the word loose.)

    Hyacinth (This seems like a pretty and modern sounding flower name. Kind of had the same appeal that Cynthia might have had back in the day.)

    Rowan (I wish more people saw how pretty and feminine this name can be. It is a truly unisex name and people still claim that it is a boy name and that it is all masculine.)

    Wolf/Wolfe/Wolfgang (My son's middle name is Wolf. It drives me crazy when people think wolves are only vicious/predatory creatures, when they are also strong and beautiful and deserve to shed the "big bad wolf" reputation.)

    Damian/Damon (I wish people didn't associate this name with the little boy from the Orphan movies. I actually had a co-worker argue with me that according to the Bible, Damian was actually Lucifer's son. I tried telling her that it is not true, that it was just in the movie and she didn't believe me.)

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    Cool thread idea. I hardly ever see these...

    Althea- great meaning, great nickname of Thea
    Cerise- such a sweet middle name option especially
    Marianna- such a different feel to me than Marianne
    Edwina- a vintage name with no love
    Keelin- a legitimate name with a trendy feel for those who like that kind of thing

    Davis- love this spin on David
    Drake- too soap opera for people?

    (Love Saskia too)

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    Quote Originally Posted by r_j View Post
    Edwina- a vintage name with no love
    Agreed, I love Edwina! I've had a crush on that one since seeing National Velvet as a kid.

    Myrtle (Gets a couple mentions on here, but really, it's old lady and botanical, you'd think it would get more mainstream love)
    Inga and Ilse (I group these because it feels like there's a whole cluster of those short vowelly names that just havent taken off like the Avas and Ellas)
    Hedy (With all the old hollywood love, I'm surprised this one doesnt get mentioned more, it almost makes Hedwig wearable imo)

    EDIT: I forgot two other boys names: Alwin & Ebenezer. I just adore the latter, especially with nn Eben.
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