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    I really love Jonah Kai, but better than Zaven, Zaven is pretty bizarre to me.. especially next to brother Keian.

    What about:

    Something soft, but still masculine.

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    I am sorry, but I think Zaven is in fact an invented name. Since Xavier is so popular (and Zane), and Aidan/Aiden is THE boys name of the early millennium, the two were combined into Zaven. I know the sound is cool but it really is a rootless name. Compared to something classic, quirky and unexpected like Jonah, Zaven really pales.

    I think Jonah Kai is exactly what you're looking for-- a boys' name that mixes classic with fresh, and has a very contemporary spin with the Hawaiian middle name Kai. You got exactly the same thing with Keian (contemporary) Tate (classic and manly), so I think Jonah Kai is perfect for his little brother.
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    Thanks for the honesty everyone!! I guess the more I think about it the more I do realize as much as I love Zaven it is made up I like Ziven but not really with our last name so much. Blade--I like how you think lol...that is exactly what I'm going for with the first and middle names. I'm still not sure if I can officially say it's going to be the name! And I DO NOT want to wait to see his face I just don't know how people can do that!!

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    Zaven is a common Armenian name. It is not made up. I know a Zaven IRL, and it (the name) works very well. Pronounced Zah-ven.

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    Jonah is a bit too common for Keian, imho. I actually know 4 little Jonahs, and it feels very Biblical to me. I'd go for something a bit more contemporary/ lower down in popularity (at least outside the top 200 or so most popular names)...

    Jasper Kai
    Jovan Kai (yes, it's a real name...
    Dallin Kai
    August Kai
    Forrest Kai
    Soren Kai
    Jericho Kai (still Biblical, but a bit more contemporary)
    Eamon Kai
    Easton Kai
    Rafferty Kai
    Rainier Kai
    Stellan Kai
    Tiernan Kai
    Thatcher Kai
    Tucker Kai
    Walden Kai
    Shaya Kai (not made up... it's an Iranian boys name)
    Oleander Kai
    Huron Kai
    Jarrett Kai
    Ogden Kai
    Atticus Kai
    Brogan Kai
    Torin Kai
    Tavin Kai
    Tavis Kai
    Dermot Kai
    Anders Kai
    Ture Kai (Turr-E... a Scandinavian name)
    Lennart Kai
    Bernt, Beck, Conley, Leif, Lars, Tove, Nils, Macsen, Macklin, and Beckett are cool, but not with Kai
    Halsten Kai
    Odin Kai

    Oh, and about Zaven... I'm not a fan (it feels like an alien in a sci fi movie), but I heard about a guy at college named Zaven. I think he was Armenian... so it's probably not made up, but many people will assume it is.
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