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    Alexander, Theodore, Christian, Luca or Jude


    My husband and I are due in a few weeks and can't agree on a name.

    I love Jude but my husband likes Theodore (Theo) which given our difficult Greek surname I think is way too much.

    What do you think of Alexander Jude?

    Any other suggestions? To go with a sister Stella.

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    Why not Jude Theodore? I also like Luca for Stella's brother.

    If Theodore feels like too much with your surname, then I would think that Alexander does too. Alexander is a syllable longer than Theodore.
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    I feel like they all fit with Stella fine, except Luca. Two -a names is a bit much. Which name would go the best really depends on the surname (# of syllables, 1st letter, and last letter).
    Jude- I think of a very laid back but dashing sort of a guy.
    Alexander- A classic name with a long history, this name could fit any sort of a guy. I love the nn opportunities: Alex, Xan, Xander, Anders, etc.
    Theodore- I'm always glad when I see people using this name. It's so vintage and wonderful! I also love that there are nns that can grow up with you in this name. Teddy's great for a kid, then Ted or Theo for a teen/ adult. Stella and Theo is quite cute.
    Christian- I love this as a full name, as long as there are no nicknames. I'm not really a fan of Chris or Ian. This name perhaps doesn't go with Stella quite as well.
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