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    I'm still stuck...

    It's me again the one who has been all over the place with the son is Keian Tate and my second son due to arrive in a little over 3 weeks is still UN NAMED!!! The main problem is finding something my husband and I agree on. I basically can't stand any name he throws out....such as Gordon, Teo, Armani, Finn and the list goes on. So far we've agreed on one name Jonah Kai, my problem is I think Jonah is a little too popular for my taste and I'm just not sure it's "the one". I've recently found the name Zaven and I LOVE IT!!! Hubby of course doesn't but just said he wasn't very fond of it not completely shooting it down. Any suggestions on a middle name? And what are your thoughts on Zaven? I've personally never heard it used before and I like that I also don't feel like it's too weird or made up?? Opinions and thoughts please!!! Thanks!

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    I had never heard of this name. Apparently, it is commonly used in Armenia and is also a character in the Diablo video game. One reason I really like this site is that I am constantly learning new stuff.

    You could try

    Zaven Ross
    Zaven Paul
    Zaven Saul
    Zaven Jared
    Zaven Phillip

    The one thing you might want to keep in mind is that if your son's first and last name is totally unique, he will be Google-able. My colleague has an uncommon last name, and his son has an uncommon first name. Unfortunately, when my colleague's son Googles his name, the first page includes his arrest for underage drinking in high school. (Not that your son will be arrested as a teenager; it just reduces his privacy.)

    I like Jonah Kai. If you want a less common variation, you could go with Jonas.

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    I like Jonah or Jonas much better than Zaven. It feels made up to me, and a little to similar in sound to keian for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by samibee View Post
    I like Jonah or Jonas much better than Zaven. It feels made up to me, and a little to similar in sound to keian for me.
    I agree. Jonah/Jonas feels soft and refined and a bit artsy--I think it's just so cool. I think Keian and Jonah/Jonas would be fabulous together. I only know one Jonah, and one Jonas, so it doesn't feel that common to me. Pretty obscure, actually. Zaven does feel very made-up (Zane meets Haven?) to me, have you considered Ziven? It's a Polish name, meaning either "alive" or "shining", depending on which history you look at, said like ZEE-vehn. I think it's awesome! I have a huge thing for Polish names, though, haha. I think Keian and Ziven would be pretty cool together, and I think Ziven is pretty obscure, as far as names go.

    Good luck!
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    Zaven sounds cool, I love learning new names. Jonah Kai is adorable.
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