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    Well... I'm going with the classics (and from a long line of Mary gals!)

    My middle names are Mary Elizabeth (not catholic, but combining a naming tradition from mom and dad.)

    Mom- Mary Anne
    Grandma - Mary Jane
    G.G. Grandam - Mary...

    for not being Catholic, we like the Mary.
    I personally love Mary Jayne (or Jane) especially with a very long last name. But I also like some others:
    Mary Noelle
    Mary Nicole
    Mary Christine
    Mary Eliza

    Look at the variations of Mary if you feel it's too religious. When thinking about naming a 2nd daughter after my mom (since 1st daughter will have my middle names) I fell for Mollie and Marielle.

    Good luck.
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    Great suggestions so far! I'm especially liking:

    Mary Collette
    Mary Shea
    Mary Adele
    Mary Simone

    and the idea of Mary Rosebud - we'd like some options with a quirky, spunky feel. I love "Mae" - we plan to use that as a nickname if we go with Mary, though, so it's off the list for middle names

    Keep 'em coming! I'm also open to suggestions of other first names with the same feel - I really like Mary, but I could possibly be swayed if the right name came along. We're looking for something classic, clean, not more than two syllables and not too high on the popularity list... and of course, it has to sound nice with Henry
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    Mary Lenore
    Mary Penelope
    Mary Guinevere
    Mary Elaine
    Mary Irene
    Mary Louisa
    Mary Rosalie
    Mary Aurora
    Mary Cordelia

    Some other first name suggestions that I think have the same classic and clean sound of Mary are:

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