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    I only had my husband for my first delivery(I have one son) and boy was that a mistake. I definitely needed someone who knew what was going on or knew things to suggest that would help. DH, bless his heart, had no clue even though we thought we knew going into it. He was great, but I need someone else there to help me. I ended up with a c section that wasn't necessary, as far as emergency reasons. I just needed more of a natural/midwife approach to try other things besides the OR to get the baby out. SO if I don't hire a doula(which would only be if I can afford it and feel totally comfortable with one) then I will have a friend come help me out, even though I don't really have anyone close enough with me that I'd really want to ask. But I do NOT want another c-section, that is for sure, and I believe having a doula will up my chances of a vaginal delievery.
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    We used an independent midwife for our labour, and did most of it at home, transferring to the hospital for the last fifty minutes. For that time, our midwife effectively became a doula, as her insurance didn't cover her practising in the hospital.

    I would definitely recommend going for one. A friend of mine gave birth this morning using a hired one, my sister used a friend. $3000 sounds pretty insane - I know my friend paid £300 (UK). Having said that, I would use the same justification we used for our midwife - it's such a special time, and such an important time, that it's worth investing in, if that's what you want.

    For me, a doula or private midwife acts as a real gatekeeper, your representative. It meant that my husband was freed up from answering all the questions, stopping the hospital from doing things we didn't want (we didn't have Vitamin K, we wanted to keep the placenta etc). It just meant that he could be there solely to support me, and our midwife took care of the rest.

    Go for it, especially if you want a more holistic approach - they will support you and be your advocate if any of your choices are slightly alternative.

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