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    Tell me all about cloth diapering

    So I'm wanting to learn some more about cloth diapering since it would be a great thing for us to do with our limited funds. If any of you have done it, could you please tell me all about it? How much money did you save/not save? Was it easier or harder than regular diapers....those kinds of things.

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    My mom did it with my brother, when the next one was born she said "Oh hell no." and went back to regular diapers. :P

    I think it's cost effective, but so extremely messy/dirty/involved. My mom found it too much after a certain point I think, and it's not easy to get help with you know? She'd never ask anyone to change his diaper because of it, and sometimes he'd leak a lot easier as well.
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    This is something I definitely plan on doing when when I have a baby.

    I haven't done a huge amount of research into it, but from what I can gather, its quite expensive in the beginning when you are building your collection up. You'll need at least 7-8 of them to start off, preferably more, which is why its expensive at the start. Its an investment though, because you won't have to buy any diapers for a long time when you have built up your collection a bit. In the long run, it works out WAY cheaper than disposables, the start up cost is just more.

    They come in two parts. The outside cover, and the inside absorbent part, which is the part you wash. If the diaper is wet, you just remove the cover and put the absorbent part in the washer. If its soiled, you have to rinse it in the bath/shower before putting it in the washer.

    The fabric is so much kinder to sensitive baby skin than disposables. I spoke to a cloth using mom recently and she put it like this to me: Would you rather wear paper, plastic knickers or soft cotton ones? That pretty much sold me on the idea.

    As I said, I don't know too much abut them but in my opinion they're the way forward. They work out cheaper in the long run, are good for the environment and are better for your baby's skin

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    My mom did it with my sister, but she actually used a swrvice that gives you everything you need & picks up the poop filled diaper pail & gives you clean ones!

    Because of the nature of this service I doubt they didn't use bleaches & heavy soap so for you it might defeat the purpose but this is one option

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    Quote Originally Posted by strawberry shortcake View Post
    You'll need at least 7-8 of them to start off, preferably more, which is why its expensive at the start.
    You'll need way more than that to start out with. A newborn goes through about 10-12 diapers a day, so most cloth diapering sites suggest starting with at least 20.

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