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    Kind of liking Maxwell (Max) for a girl... but..

    Working on names for baby #3... we don't know gender.

    I love the name Max, and always have. We used it for our (male) family dog, who has since passed away, and now I'm wondering if I could use the name, but for a girl. I like the modern feeling of a boy's name for a girl (i.e., our daughter's name is Chase Olivia).

    Will everyone immediately think of Jessica Simpson's daughter if I use Maxwell? Is it bad form to use a name that was once used for a pet?

    Other possible girls names that I'm considering:

    Am I missing any other cool boy-girl names?

    Thanks Berries!!

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    Yes, everyone will think of Jessica Simpson, unless you wait and do this about 10 years from now.

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    I think the Jessica Simpson association is too strong, and plus I wouldn't name after a family pet, even one that's passed on. All it takes is for an older relative to bring it up, or for little Maxwell to see a photo of dog Max and ask about the name and wonder why they've got the same name. I think once you've used a name on a pet, you can't use it on a human.

    Out of your list, I think Chase and Avery pair up nicely.

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    Yes everyone will immediately think of Jessica Simpson's daughter, and to be perfectly blunt, Jessica Simpson is not someone I'd want anyone to think I copied!
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    I was also going to say that you can't use Maxwell for about 10 years. It reminds me of Emerson. Teri Hatcher used it 14 years ago, and there were only 20 Emersons that year. All I remember is hearing how unusual it was (at the beginning of the boys names for girls trend). No way I would have touched it back then. Now every other girl is named Emerson, I doubt many even remember who started the trend.

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