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    I am SO late for this party--was off the internet for the birth of my baby girl...

    I hope you picked Fielding, tho.

    My son is named Fielding--it's a family (first*) name, so he's named after a grandfather & a great-great-uncle & 2nd cousin.
    To me, it sounds dignified yet adventurous. DS has the "adventurous" part down, but not so much the "dignified" (he's 7).
    Everyone has always thought his name was cool & unusual, but no one has ever had a problem pronouncing it or spelling it.

    *(It's a first name in Ireland, but usually a last name in the States. Fielding has always fit right in with all the Conners & Liams & Ians. There seems to be a run on Irish names for boys lately!)

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