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    meaningful names---HELP!

    My boyfriend and I are trying to pick out a boys name and there are some obvious choices that we're leaning too. We want to use Benjamin for sure because that is the name of his best friend that was killed in a horrible car wreck in 2003 (my boyfriend was the driver and that was the biggest turning point of his life.) This name is for sure and hes really adament about that which is fine with me because I like the idea. The other name we want to use is Jameson which is the last name of my first love, who passed away in 2009 from cystic fibrosis (his first name was Tyler and I dont want to use that name because I see so many Tyler's!) However, we cant seem to put these two names together. Benjamin Jameson seems like the better version of it. The flow seems off though.
    So Benjamin Jameson OR Jameson Benjamin ???
    The other names we considered are:
    Holden (main character of my favorite book)
    Christopher (my brothers name...he passed away in 1997 in a car wreck)
    Liam (my boyfriends name is William with the nn Will and we figured William with the NN Liam is cute)

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    I love the significance of all your choices! I think Benjamin Jameson sounds fine--I don't know if you're up for slight alterations, but Benjamin James or James Benjamin would flow better and I think it still would honor both people quite well. Otherwise, I really like Holden Benjamin/Benjamin Holden and Liam Benjamin/William Benjamin nn Liam.

    Good luck!
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    I agree with pp that Benjamin James flows better than Benjamin Jameson and still honors both people. Benjamin William or William Benjamin also work well, and you could use the nn Liam either way. I also like Christopher William (maybe for a second son if you are set on using Benjamin this time).

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    Benjamin James would be really nice. Save Christopher William for a future son. I think your choices are gorgeous, and I love how meaningful they are to you two.

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