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    Exclamation Totally Undecided-HELP - pick your top 2 & least fave of these unusual/british names

    So, we are 1 week away from delivery - and totally undecided! My favorite name for years was Hugo (e.g., I named my cat - now deceased, that 13 years ago...). I still love it and was going to use it with this baby, BUT, with the movie and all, it has gotten insanely popular. Plus, everything thinks I am naming him *after* the movie, which is annoying. One of the most important criteria for me is that a name be unique, so that kinda spoils it for me. However, we still like it. We also like a lot of other names and want something that evokes unusual, artistic, british, countryside, strong, intelligent, etc.... Here are the names we have so far. Please let us know what 2 names are your favorites (and what kind of person they evoke for you), and which name is your least favorite. Also, feel free to make your own suggestions....


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    I'm not sure what you mean about insanely popular. Do you actually know lots of people using it or are you seeing it discussed in fora more? In the US at least it was last ranked 439 and is trending downward. While the movie may well give it a bump, it is way too far from many peoples' taste in my opinion to spike too high. The highest it's ever ranked is around 269. I never saw the movie and wouldn't at all think you were naming him after the movie, and I think when the movie is less fresh, that will fade.

    So, my favorites are Hugo (like it, plus your love for it is clear) and Dashiell (so handsome!).

    My least favorite is Burl - just sounds quite old mannish to me. Bixby and Fielding aren't my style but I like their sound, I could see them working.

    Good luck!

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    I think Burl is still heavily associated with singer Burl Ives. Also, on the West Coast, it's kind of a joke name, because of the coveted redwood burl, a type of wood made from redwood trees that have sustained injury. All up and down the West Coast, there are little stands selling "Genuine Redwood Burl" Furniture.

    With Fielding and Dashiell, there may be the assumption that you love the work of Henry Fielding and Dashiell Hammett.

    It may well be that you can get away with Hugo, although you are probably correct that there will be at least a little upward blip in it use. As the previous poster noted, the blip may not be that big.

    You could also go with Hugh/Huw.

    Other possibilities:

    Byron (this is kind of the ultimate British, artistic, countryside name)

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    My two favourites are Dashiell and Hugo and my least favourite is Burl.
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    Besides Hugo, Dashiell is my favorite. They're both very handsome and usable.

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