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    List of the Day Game

    A few of you liked my monthly Name of the Day game and wanted to play it more often, so I've started a new one...

    List of the Day!!!

    Please put the title of the list in your post and name 2 babies using names on the List of the Day.

    Today's list is Cool Bible Names. I choose:
    Levi Isaac (boy) and Atara Delilah (girl)

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    Re: List of the Day Game

    Today's list is French Girls' Names. I choose Maeva Isaline and Leonie Ines. I hope more people catch on to this game, I'd like to hear what you think. :-)

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    Re: List of the Day Game

    From French Girls' Names: Salome Axelle and Clea Lucienne.

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    Re: List of the Day Game

    French Girls' Names:

    Fleur Severine
    Clea Fabienne

    (Elodie Manon in third) :-)

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    Re: List of the Day Game

    Ophelie Fleur and Lou Elodie.

    Do they have to be sisters? Or just two names? Because that would change my answer.
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