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    Who are the parents?

    I see people asking quite often what sort of person you picture when you hear a name. And though I do believe that your name can shape your life in some ways, I think that names are more reflective of the ones who chose it.

    So, with that in mind, I think it would be fun to come up with a sib-set, and then have the next person describe the type of parents they think would use those names.

    Piper Jillian and Dexter Nicholas

    Probably off-beat, active people who are thoughtful, and not the most strict parents.

    Sounds fun?

    I'll go first:

    Sybil Angelou, Henrietta Poet, and Margot Plum
    Not expecting, I just love names <3
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    Sybil, Henrietta & Margot have a father who is a professor, a little older, kind of stuffy but playful when the mood strikes. He collects model boats and likes to teach the girls about history and horticulture, his two main columns of knowledge.

    Their mother, on the opposite hand, is a more free-spirited woman - a journalistic photographer, avid gardener and cat lady. She wearsa lot of scarves and other drapey outfits. Her daughters like to listen to her sing, which she only does when she cleans the kitchen.

    How about:
    Cormac Hyatt, (12) Marcel Edison (9) & Donovan (Van) Preston (4)

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    Cormac, Marcel, and Van have well educated, thoughtful, and curious parents. They love to learn, and teach their kids to do the same. They're very open minded, socially conscious, and stand up for what's right. They aren't usually heavy disciplinarians, unless their children do something to hurt someone else, by bullying or belittling anyone. They are very present in their kids lives, though.

    Angus George and Bridie Faye
    Not expecting, I just love names <3
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    Angus George and Bridie Faye have somewhat hipster parents, both being interested in older/obscure names. They spend a lot of times outdoors. The father is a photographer for a local nature magazine and the mother runs her town's farmer's market.

    Zane Michael & Wren Michelle.

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    Zane Michael and Wren Michelle have parents that like to be up-to-date, trendy, and generally follow the crowd. They'd prefer to blend in than stand out. They live in a suburb where all the houses were built by the same developer and look pretty similar. They have office jobs that make fairly good money but aren't terribly exciting, they listen to top 40 music, go on vacations to Florida and California, and prefer to dress in jeans and t-shirts.

    Imogen Cordelia Sonnet and Leonato Amadeus Crispin
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