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    Well I assume. I don't know what the doctor did. She did a pregnancy test, came back to tell me it was positive, then typed up a letter for me to give to my insurance people. She asked "When was your last cycle" and I told her and then she gave me the letter. So i assume she did. This is my first baby and I'm not entirely sure how everything works yet. All I know is that that's the date she gave me and I can only guess how far along I am based on what people on here have told me.
    That's the standard way to calculate, assuming you have regular cycles (for people with, say, PCOS it's harder). We use something called the "pregnancy wheel" that's been in use for ages-- it's even a verb, to "wheel it out." Google online, there are tons if you'd like to verify the due date.
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    Exactly what Im thinking too. I always love that kind of connection. Persephone for spring baby is even more stunning. I'll hope the same thing if I were you (baby girl, eventhough I want boy first).

    so, definitely go with Persephone, I guess?!

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