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    Not crazy about Persophone or Sylvana. I like Elysia Willow though. I would choose that on it's own. It's simple yet striking.

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    Congrats!!!! I can only imagine how excited you must be,

    Like most of the pp if not all I'd prefer Persephone Elysia Willow. I think it's got a great melodic flow and rolls off the tongue much easier than your other choice.
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    I love Silvana Xiomara Mist

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    Oh My God, congratulations!!!! So happy for you. I love both the names, very daring and different! Favourite is Silvana Xiomara Mist though, I love norse mythology and Mist is a cool name.
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    A million congrats, Dantea! How exciting!

    I like both of the first names, I see Persephone mentioend quite a bit, but I highly doubt many people are actually using it - Sylvana feels very fresh, though, I like it and I like the potential nickname Sylvie. I adore Persephone.

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