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    I also like Xiomara but I'm not keen on Sylvana.

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    Congratulations on your pregnancy!

    Persephone Elysia Willow- I love Elysia, but not Persephone as much. I'm also not a fan of two middle names. That said, saying that name outloud, it is just beautiful... It's musical and flows and just sounds like the name of a beautiful little girl.

    Silvana Xiomara Mist- I like these names individually, but not together. Xiomara is a GP of mine... (the fiance just laughs at me)

    I like Persephone Elysia Willow better... It's just so pretty to say...
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    I looove Persephone Elysia Willow!!! So beautiful, every single syllable. Sylvana Xiomara Mist is nice too, but seems a bit overdone. It's quite pretty though, but Persephone Elysia Willow definitely takes my heart.
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    I agree with Mischa, Silvana Xiomara Mist is rather repetitive, but I adore Mist! Such a beautiful name with wonderful mythological connections, I'm in awe! ^^
    Sylvestra Zenobia/Zenovia Mist would be better, but perhaps not as mellifluous...

    Persephone and Elysia are also favourites, and I like everything about Willow except for how popular she is.

    Mixing my own combo from the names in your signature, Elysia Zephyrine Mist is where I end up. Maybe Persephone Sylvana Signe although I'm not too fond of Sylvana.

    I've loved Mist for a while, but it has to be a GP since Mist is just one letter away from the Norwegian word 'miste' which means to drop or lose something. I'm not sure my parents would appreciate it, although I know they'd let me decide...
    I'm clinging to Disa, Liva, Unna, Alda, Tida, Tora, Erla, Lova, Eisa, Eira, Fryd and Duva though!
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    Thanks for your opinions so far girls! i love hearing your thoughts.

    i agree there's a lot of repetitive sounds, but ultimately I thought that since they're middles, it wouldn't matter as much.

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