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    Girls names that begin with the letter 'O'?

    All I can think of is Olive, Olivia, Odette,and Ophelia. Any other 'O' names?

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    Olympia is one that I adore. Ottilie, Otessa, Odessa, Odelia, Opal, Oceane / Oceana, Octavia, Olga, Oliviette, Ora, Orabela, and Oksana!
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    Oleanna and Ovidia are favourites of mine, I also adore Olympia, Odessa, Opal, Oceana and Octavia mentioned by pp, and Ophelia, Olive and Odette from your list.
    Oenone is also a favourite, pronounced ee-NO-nee so you could argue it's not an O name
    Olivine, Ombeline, Ottavia, Ondine, Oihana, Olwen, Opaline, Oriane/Oriana, Ostara, Ourisia and Ottilia are also lovely.
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    Odilia, Olea/Oleander, Ollalie, Orabel, Oretta, Orithyia, and Orthia

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