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    Lightbulb Kallan needs a middle name... and we are torn!

    Hi everyone - this is my first time posting...

    We have decided on Kallan as a first name for our first baby, a boy!

    This site has Kallan listed as a girls name?! I was surprised to hear that... do you all feel it is a suitable boys name?

    We are not sold on the spelling yet, but know we want a K.

    As for middle names - we have 3 ideas, they are drastically different from eachother.. (last name starts with L)

    Kallan Jacob - Really the ring of it - concerned jacob is too biblical or too common

    Kallan Maverick - Love the flow, love what Maverick stands for, love that it's different, but is it too much?

    Kallan Robert - My father's middle name...and sounds strong.

    Would love your opinion on the three above and open to ideas as well!

    Thanks so much everyone!

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    As you know, one of the dominant trends in American naming is the -en/ -an names. Most of those names have nice open syllables and usually are new coinages. They don't have roots as either male or female... but, that being said, many are created by borrowing elements of common names. "Kallan" will sound female due to its proximity to "Calla."

    Kellan is a more masculine name with a similar feel; conversely--

    What do you think?
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    Oh Kallan is definitely a suitable boy's name. I considered Callan for years until the husband shot it down. And you can't go wrong with Kal for a nickname, but maybe that's just me
    Because Kallan is such an uncommon name (at least around here, maybe not where you are?), I liked Jacob as the middle name. Gives him something to fall back on too if he wants to go by a more common name in the future. And come on...KJ? Eek! I love it!
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    Either way, that's my 2 cents. All three are great names really!

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    I like Kallan Maverick and then Kallan Robert
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    I agree that Kellan is more widely used for a boy. But Kallan is more masculine looking than Callan, IMO.

    If you think Jacob is too mainstream, what about Jace? Kallan Jace seems of the same style to me. Or Kallan Jake.

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