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Thread: Catalina

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    I mentioned Catalina on another board but thought I would ask for opinions over here as well, my Grandmother is from the Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia y Santa Catalina. I was thinking Catalina would be a nice way to honor her and am considering putting it on my list.

    What are the general thoughts on the name and what goes well with the name? I was unaware there is a Catalina salad dressing but my husband says this is no big deal? What do you think?

    I like it with Josephine, Josephine Catalina sounds nice to me which is a bonus but I can't think of any combos but I would love some recommendations.


    dreaming, not naming atm
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    It's a beautiful name. I think people sometimes shy away from it due to the island visible from Los Angeles-- but really, what's so bad about that? I think it's a fantastic, meaningful way to honor your grandmother.
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    I associate it with exotic parrots, i.e. the Catalina Macaw.

    I quite like the name by the way.

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    I know a Catalina. She just goes by Catalina (no nickname) to me and other friends, but I met her mom once and her mom called her Kitty. I think Catalina is a beautiful name and I had NO idea there was a salad dressing with this name, and it really doesn't matter that there is.

    Very pretty name

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    Very pretty! My neighbor is named Catalina so I think of her! Pretty and youthful in her late 30s, dark hair, caramel skintone, British accent, works in a creative field.

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