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    No name yet for our baby, HELP ME!

    Hello dear friends!
    I'm new here in NB and this is my first post (yeeah!).
    So I know this website for a long time but I was never really interested in posting and debating over names. I think it's everyone's choice to like a certain name. Although, I love when moms asked for an advice to another mom (or not!) about name.
    So, for the last couple of months my husband and I were trying to get pregnant. Our relatives were crazy that we just had one baby. My husband has a younger sister and I have three older brothers. We came from relatively big families! They wanted us to have another little one and we started thinking about adding a new baby into our house. After trying for almost six months (BANG!) we're pregnant and we couldn't feel more blessed and happier!
    So a couple of weeks ago, we found out the baby's gender (WOW!). We were veeeeeeeery excited and nervous. Of course, we just want a healthy little one but finding out the gender is so exciting (: As a man, my husband wanted a little guy to watch football with. And, as a woman, I would love to have a little girl. But I also wanted a boy, because we already have a girl and it'd be nice to have a dude in our house. So, we found out that we're having a... GIRL! Everybody is excited to welcome our newest princess next year.
    Once you know the gender, the topic now is what name to give to a person you've never seen before. Will she like it? Will she look like a ...? We keep wondering until we reach a decision.
    My daughter's name is Ava Chloë. She was born almost 6 years ago and Ava is a "hot" name nowadays and I liked how different from the "regular" names it sounded that time. Now, Ava is so popular. Since I was a little girl I wanted to have a daughter named Chloë and Chloë is my favorite name. I wanted to be named Chloë. When we picked our firstborn's name it wasn't a big challenge. We both agreed and we were happy with her name. Now, she also loves her name.
    With the impending birth of our second daughter, we are in the process of finding THE name. We didn't know how hard it is. It was so easy in the first time. I looked for a cool girly name in the family, but they're all too popular (like Amy, Darlene, Janice, Anna, Lynn, Marie...). I searched here in NB lists and I found some great names.
    My first choice is Colette, I like it, it's different, but not so much and it's fresh and easy.
    Then, I found Alice, Rose, Emma, Grace, Lily, Lou, Bella, Clara, Bianca and Naava (I like this one, it's so odd. I've never seen it before). Most of these names are "popular" nowadays. I tried Clara Colette, but I think there are too many C's when I pronounce it with my first daughter's name (Ava Chloë and Clara Colette).
    I also tried Harper Colette and Charlotte Colette, but I have lots of friend's babies around me called Harper and Charlotte (including a boy named Ewan Harper, wow!).
    Maybe it's my problem with the TOO popular. I'll need to accept that all names will probably be popular someday. But I want to find a lovely name that I can fall in love easily as it happened with my daughter. Maybe it won't happen, but I have a couple of months ahead and I will find my little girl's name.

    So please give me some help in this journey! Can you help me? Give some tips if you have an idea, please!
    Sorry for the long statement, I like to talk a lot.
    I'm already in love with NB and I hope I can read and write here a lot ;D
    Thank you,
    Alyson Jessica.

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    From your list I like Clara & Charlotte the best. Colette is ok, has an elegance to it, like Charlotte & Clara. How about something similar in style, like Corinne?

    Harper doesn't really go with that style, it's more spunky. Plus you want something that goes nicely with big sister Ava Chloe.

    Clara Elise
    Colette Grace
    Charlotte Rose
    Lila Grace or Lila Elise
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    Why not use Colette as the first name? I also love Clara and Charlotte. Be warned, Charlotte is very popular now. It does sound great with Ava though.

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    From the names you listed my favorites to go with Ava I like Emma, Grace, Alice, Bianca and Rose best. I would probably choose Grace, Alice or Rose since Ava is so strong on a sound
    However, all of those are probably fairly similar in popularity and style to Ava.

    I would stay away from Naava since Ava is literally the second half of the name. It might be odd and confusing for your daughters to have names that are so similar. Naava could be a great mn but I'd consider it peculiar as the fn of two sisters were that similar.
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    I think Colette would be a lovely first name. And if popularity concerns you, it feels like a name that won't get too popular because the -ette ending isn't that embraced by parents today. Sounds great with Ava too.

    Of your list I think Bianca also feels distinctive & sophisticated.

    Bianca Colette & Ava Chloe?

    Other names:

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