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    We're getting close...enlisting berry help once more :)

    I'm feeling a bit stuck even though I know we are so so close and i'm wonderng if you can help!!

    1st name is Matilda...its finally decided (HUGE achievement for us Now we are just trying decide on the best combo!

    I would somehow like to honour her Irish heritage and even though there are lots of different ways to do this we both love the name Clover.... I actually felt quite sad letting this go as a first name possibility even though matilda does feel right in fn spot and has a beautiful link to her story!

    However, I would also like to honour Valentines day which was a special day in this baby's story....
    So have been torn between
    Matilda Clover and Matilda Valentine (among others!!!)

    I am now wondering about a three names although i originally just wanted two and I love both
    Matilda Clover Valentine and Matilda Clover Dove

    I feel Dove is a nod to Valentines day but I also love that it symbolises Peace and the link to godess Venus and the fact that Doves mate for life!

    I guess i'm just wondering though if Matilda is strong enough to ground two whimsy middles....

    Other Combos i like which celebrate Celtic heritage/special people in our lives or I just like the sound of:
    are Matilda Avalon Clover
    Matilda Avalon Dove
    Matilda Clover Jane
    Matilda Florence Clover
    Matilda Isla Clover
    Matilda Clover Eve
    Matilda Cover Belle

    All opinions and suggestions welcome and you can be as honest as you like...feel free to mix and match but matilda is up front for sure!!
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    Personally I'm not a big fan of the clunky two middle names trend, but from your options I'd go with Matilda Clover Valentine, it flows the best.
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    Thanks for your feedback Kitty... I actually prefer one middle too but in this case I can't seem to commit to just one! Anyone else got any thoughts?

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    I voted for Matilda Clover Dove because it flows better and I think Dove is more unique and interesting than Valentine is. I also like Matilda Clover Jane and Matilda Clover Eve.
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    I think both middles suffer from repetitive sounds, which really kills the combo for me. ClOVer and DOVe are a bit too similar. And you have the consonant-rich name MatilDA and DOve (repetitive vowel) and the heavy -Luh in both Matilda and Clover.

    Matilda Valentine is better, though it too suffers from the same problem of repetitive sounds, and it's a "whole lotta name."

    Are there any other Irish options you're drawn to? I just feel you can surpass Clover, as Gaelic is such a lyrical language that would really do well to lighten Matilda.

    As for Valentine's Day:

    Valerie / Valery
    Amadore ("gift of love")
    Daralis (old English name meaning "beloved")
    Columba / Colombe / Columbine
    Valya (old feminine form of Valentine)
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