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    Middle names for Agustín?

    So DH has given up on pushing for Ignacio is this baby is a boy. He does want us to consider Agustín, though. I like Agustín more than Ignacio, and am already hoping to use it for a middle name if DH will agree to Félix. But I am open to going with Agustín if DH won't agree.

    So, I need some middle name ideas for Agustín. I like Agustín Ulises, but I haven't spent a lot of time thinking about middle name options yet. Any suggestions? We definitely want it to be a Spanish name.
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    We have similar taste, I used to have Emmanuel Augustin and Ulysse Augustin as combos!

    Agustin Antonio
    Agustin Marcel
    Agustin Rudolpho
    Agustin Alonso
    Agustin Elias
    Agustin Eusebio
    Agustin Emilio
    Agustin Ferdinand
    Agustin Isidro (I know an Isidro and love the name)
    Agustin Mauricio (I know a Mauricio nn Reese)
    Agustin Rafael
    Agusin Reynaldo
    Agustin Solomon (I think the "een" and "on")
    Agustin Xavier
    Agustin Clemente
    Josephine Athénaïs - Josephine Ivy - Myriam Athénaïs - Vivienne Josephine
    Athena Beatrice - Beatrice Cecile - Eléonor Anne-Sophie -Myriam Beatrice - Meredith Elizabeth
    Ambrose Aristide - Ulysses Aristide

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    Agustín Cruz
    Agustín Diego
    Agustín Fernando
    Agustín Esteban
    Agustín Ezequiel
    Agustín Francisco
    Agustín Hector
    Agustín Jorge
    Agustín Luis
    Agustín Mateo
    Agustín Pedro
    Agustín Rafael
    Agustín Salvador
    Agustín Ramiro
    Agustín Ruben
    Agustín Pablo
    Agustín Miguel
    Agustín Ramon
    Agustín Rey
    Agustín Manuel
    Agustín Carlos
    Agustín Cristóbal
    Agustín Felipe
    Agustín Leandro
    Agustín Javier
    Agustín Lazaro
    Agustín Noé
    Agustín Sancho
    Agustín Vidal
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    Why not Agustín Ignacio?! Then you both can be happy .

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    Cair Paravel :)
    What about Agustin Elias? Elias is my favorite Spanish boys' name. I don't know that it has Spanish origins, but it's very usable in Spanish culture, I think.
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