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    A GP name that I would use is Eve & one that I like but wouldn't use is Rosalie since my older sister already claimed it. Also I admire people with GP names since their parents were brave enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by noro226 View Post
    Interesting! It's nice to see you all are pretty open to using GP names. I wonder if it's just because nameberries tend to be more creative namers than the average Joe... or Jane

    juliet.a - yes, my family is pressuring me to NOT use Sparrow. My husband is pressuring me TO use Sparrow. He doesn't think Sparrow is an unusual name at all, lol. He thinks it's completely normal!

    My concern is (1) am I brave enough to do use it, even though I think it's really cute? (2) Her big sister's name is Eva Natalia... talk about a bad sibset! The girls will be 2 1/2 years apart, and I don't want the younger sister to think her name is weird or not pretty and her sister's name is pretty. DH said "Their names aren't accessories for each other. They are different people, with different personalites so who cares if they have different style names."

    DH allowed me to keep Winter in the running, though!
    I love Sparrow!

    Also know that it may go the other way...I have a top 10 name while my sister has a much more unusual one (actually her middle name, but she has never been called anything else), and I was always terribly jealous of her name!

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    I sort of agree that if you would use it, it's not a GP...I consider my GPs to be mostly names that I can't use because my DH isn't on board with them (i.e. Andromeda) and names that I love but are actually too mainstream/popular for me to want to actually name my kid.

    I love a daring, unusual choice and would love to see more people use their "GPs"!

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    It depends

    Quote Originally Posted by noro226 View Post
    Just wondering, how many of you would actually use a guilty pleasure name? Which would you use, which wouldn't you use? Why?

    Also, how do you feel when or if your friends/family use crazy GP names? Obviously it is their baby and they can name it whatever they want, but do you admire their bravery, or think they are out of their minds?
    Hortensia is a GP of mine..However, the HOR in Hortense ruins it for me. Our sn is cash, and well we all know what the Whore reference means, but the fact that it is our sn that they get in return for theirs "deeds" just doesn't help it. SO it stays on my GP list. Snowdrop, love it, but seriously, its on the shelf. I'm uncertain about this one. I understand that Snow is a name. My biggest fear is for little Snowdrop, not to be recognized for the weather condition but for some horrible drug association. This younger culture seems into it. I know that this seems odd to think about, but look at soapsuds?! I was completely obtuse to it. Snowdrop is soo pretty though. Edith and Jane, even though they are "Plain Jane" they are on my GP. Hebe, as in you have hebe jibes, but I'm still smitten. Crispin as in Crisp bills, so it stays on the shelf.

    I will use Eulalia, Love it, and I know its easy to trip over but its a mn, so who cares.
    Nightingale, yes well as odd as well, its another mn, so who cares. :-)
    Beacon is very virtues and straight forward, but I'm using it.
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    My GP is not really a name (although, my husband likes Araminta, Gunivere and Finduilas which are GPs to me), but wanting to give my child three names. I just don't know whether I should conform to the typical fn and one mn, or be extravagant. Some days I am really 'who cares, it's our decision!' but others I feel it would be safer to do the normal thing.
    As a life long name lover, I hope I will go the courageous way in naming my kid.

    A. Marigold
    Wolfgang the pup

    Flora Hermione Luna Olympia Gwendolyn
    Fjord Hugo Oak Magnus Murray

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