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    Anyone brave enough to use GP names?

    Just wondering, how many of you would actually use a guilty pleasure name? Which would you use, which wouldn't you use? Why?

    Also, how do you feel when or if your friends/family use crazy GP names? Obviously it is their baby and they can name it whatever they want, but do you admire their bravery, or think they are out of their minds?
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    Personally if I met someone with a "crazy GP name" I'd admire it. It's refreshing and interesting to hear new names.

    Having children is no where in my near future but I plan on naming my children what I want. Nothing ridiculous or anything though. I don't want to name them something I don't love just because it's safe or "appropriate for a CEO".
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    I don't know. I guess it depends on the GP name! For example, Gypsy is a GP for me, but I would never in a million years use it. I think it has a cute sound, but it holds a very negative stereotype to some, and to others it's incredibly offensive. I wouldn't want to do that, besides, it's too out-there, lol. However, names like Zenobia and Primrose are also GPs. Would I use those? Maybe. If Posy grows on me any more, I might have to use Primrose, as I can't find anything else I like more! It seems so fanciful to me, but I still really love it. And Zenobia's just so out-there, haha. If I used it, I'd use it as a MN. I think Promise is a cool GP too, and I think I'd be happy to see it used, but when I actually think of how it'll affect the child, I'm not sure I'd be so happy, kwim?

    I'm not sure how I'd feel if I met a child with a GPish name--like I said earlier, it would depend on the GP, lol.
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    I think it's wonderful when someone uses a tasteful GP. I love it in small doses.

    My GPs aren't really that I would name my kid Odessa or Astoria in a heartbeat. But I would never name my kid something random like "Cloud" or anything like that. Thats just a bit ridiculous...

    So to answer your question, I would use GP names(but they're not that weird...) and I love it if other people use uncommon names, as long as they have some taste(no Saffrons for me!)
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    I like to think I would use a GP name, but then again i have no kids yet!

    My fiance is probably more into one-of-a-kind names than i am, so we will likely have children with slightly crazy names

    My family and friends are also pretty accepting of out there names, and i feel like whatever choice we came to they'd be happy with. I think this lends itself to the climate of feeling free-er to make an out-there choice.

    I have friends who just named their son Cedar, and i just love it!

    Also, I know some people with amazingly unusual names, and as far as i have heard, they all love their unlikely names.

    You're having trouble naming your second daughter, right? Your family is pressuring you?
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