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Thread: Kitson

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    Today I met a little girl at the market named Kitson. She was about 4 years old which makes me wonder if her parents named her after the boutique(I didn't ask because I figured she gets it all the time). To me it seems a little odd, but it's growing on me. She was so spunky and smiley and the name seemed to suite her very well. Wdyt of Kitson? It's certainly not for me, but It might be if I lived somewhere that didn't have a Kitson store.

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    Kit (a nickname for Christopher) and "son" in one name... on a girl? Definitely not for me.
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    It has a pleasant sound. I wonder if it was a family name for them?

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    I've never heard of the name Kitson before, nor the store of that name. The nick name "Kit" is totally girl to me, very 1950's as a nn for Katherine, but I would never put Kitson on a girl, sounds very strange and unappealing, imo.
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    Kitson is a store in LA that was very trendy/popular a couple years ago. It was particularly known for high profile celebrity/wealthy clientele. It's just a smallish boutique that sells random accessories, apparel, and trinkets. It doesn't get much notoriety these days, but idk anyone in the LA area who isn't familiar with it. Which is why I found it an odd name choice for someone living around there!

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