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    I think the full names are great together but I agree the nicknames are too matchy. Kitty and Nate? Kate and Thane? There's no reason why you can't have Katherine and Nathaniel together, but you'll just have to find something else to nickname one of them.

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    Maybe you could call them Kat and Nate?

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    Matchy can be fun sometimes. Depends on what you're happy with. If saying Kate and Nate and/or hearing it over and over and over again would bother you then you can find other nn's. NN's evolve over time especially with little ones. He may fit well with Nathan, instead of Nate, or have a nn from his mn, or something totally unrelated. Kate may be better as Katie or Kat. And, Katie rarely stays that way in my family. It usually turns into Katie-bell, or Katie-bug. NN's are usually shorter, but that's definitely not a rule. If those are the two names that fit in your mind, I wouldn't try to pick something else just because of two Possible nn's.
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    I agree with Stephanie Nicole. Matchy can be fun. Sometimes we need to relax and let our collective names down just a teensy weemsy bit.

    Nathanial and Katherine are great names. And Kates can go through a Katie phase, a Kat phase and an exotic Katya phase. My friend's 19 year old daughter is doing that now.

    You like those names? So do I. It's adorable and individually the given names are classics. Go for it!

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    A few weeks ago, I was playing around with b/g twin names (just for fun). Like you, I also love Catherine and Nathaniel, so they seemed like a natural pairing...until I noticed the Cate and Nate nicknames. Yeah, that was just way too matchy for twins. I wouldn't say you definitely can't use them for siblings, but I think you would have to avoid using those nicknames, which could be tough especially if Kate and Nate are your preferred nicknames (as they were for me). Fortunately, Katherine does have a lot of nicknames to choose from: Kathy, Kitty, Kat, Katie, Katia, Rin... And Nathaniel can be Nat (but not with Kat!), Nathan, and Thane.

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