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    The only Bridget's I've known of we're gorgeous... I don't see that as an old lady name at all! Helen, on the other hand.. I want to love it, but it does feel old to me. I could probably get on board with Helene or Helena, though.

    Bridget Helene gets my vote!

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    When people see a beautiful baby girl with a "grandma name", their perception of that name will automatically change. I know mine did when I met little Matilda the other day. Helen is a lovely name with so many great connections in history. It's a classic and you cannot go wrong with it. Bridget is just OK in my personal book, though it's not a bad choice either.
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    I agree with most of the others... I dont Bridget as an old lady name in the slightest, but Helen doesn't seem like a young person's name at all. I've never really met a nice Helen either, so I think that makes it a little worse in my book, haha.

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    I love Bridget! I don't see it as an old lady name at all. My favorite combinations are Bridget Claire and Bridget Rose.

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    I love the name Bridget so much!! One of my top choices has been Brighid (still pn Bridget, just a gaelic spelling). I think Bridget is one of those beautiful names that sounds amazing both as little girl and older lady. I have a ton of relatives named Bridget but they mostly all go by Bridie. Helen is beautiful too though. What about Bridget Helen or Helen Bridget? Both actually sound very nice together!
    I was going to use Brighid Maude if we used it.

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