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    Bridget or Helen?

    I love both of these names for similar reasons. Both are old, spunky, and strong. My husband likes both but prefers Bridget.

    A part of me still worries, though, that these will be considered "ugly," "old lady" names - Bridget more so than Helen. I'm not so worried about when my daughter is a bit older; I'm certain she'll be awesome enough to win people over to her name. :-) But I do fear the initial judgment.

    What do you think?

    Also, any thoughts about middle names for Bridget and Helen?


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    Bridget! Definitely Bridget. It's classic but also perfect on a little girl today. Helen is still too grandma. Good luck!

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    I don't think Bridget is "old lady" at all! I think it's a cool, strong and spunky name. Helen, however, is still in grandma territory.
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    I don't love either but I prefer Bridget. When I hear Helen it's just ugly to me, and I would expect it to be on an old woman. Sorry.
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    I think both names have good qualities. Helen is sweetly vintage with a no-nonsense air about her and a mythological history. The Irish Bridget is spunky, strong with an Irish saint connection. I think Helen "sounds" more old-fashioned than Bridget. I prefer Helena to Helen so I'll voted for Bridget. Have you considered Helena? With Bridget, you have some wonderful nn's as options: you can always call her Bridie, Birdie or Gidget when she's a girl.
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