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    haven't been on for a while...rate my current favorites? :)

    hi! i haven't used this site in what feels like forever, missed it here! my taste in names has stayed basically the same, but i'd like some fresh opinions on my favorites for girls...btw i'm 15 so no actual baby is involved.

    rose is definitely my first choice for girls, nn rosie. i still love my combo of rose cecilia, or rose hermione, but cecilia doesn't have much meaning to me besides the fact that i absolutely love the name, and i'd like to have my mns have some kind of significance. what do you think of rose loretta? loretta's my aunt's name and i think it flows quite well.

    i've also picked a new fave- talia. i met a girl over the summer with this name and was reminded of how much i love it. it's hebrew, which is perfect for me since i'm jewish, and i'm a huge fan of all names with the "lia" suffix. also it's similar to "thalia" which is from greek mythology and i happen to be obsessed with that kind of thing. for middle names, i was thinking talia juliet, but i'd love suggestions.

    if i didn't use talia, i'd use celia, which has been my favorite name forever. i think they can have most of the same mns. which do you prefer?

    thanks everyone xx
    eve & rose ♡ ezra & nathan

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    I like Talia Juliet.
    nineteen & renaming myself soon

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