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    I used to have Vivienne Genevieve as a combo and I think it sounds great, I don't think that being V heavy is necessarily a bad thing, in fact that's part of what I like about it. I think it flows better than Genevieve Vivienne fwiw, I say use it, it's pretty!
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    Way too matchy for my liking.

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    Yeah, I like both names desperately, but not together. I don't like the repeating "vee" sound. Gene(vee)ieve Vi(vee)anne, you know?

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    I think it's too much of a wonderful thing. Genevieve, wonderful name. Vivienne, wonderful name. Both together, too much. I agree with pp--- make awesome sisters.
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    I really like Genevieve Vivienne, in theory, but the "vi"/"vee" sounds are a bit overkill, imo! It's just too many "V"s too close together! I think Vivienne Genevieve works better because the "V"s are spread out, but I like Genevieve up front so much more.

    Good luck!
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